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Fyrquel® Fluids Supply
& Product Support

Fyrquel® products continue 40+ years production in our ISO 9001 and 14001 certified Gallipolis Ferry WV USA plant and are supplied worldwide through a network of regional Sales Offices:

North America

Jack Haley
(Baltimore, Maryland, USA)
Phone: 410-418-9424
Order Contact: 1-800-666-1200

California Supply Chains
Act of 2010 Statement

W. Europe, Middle East, and Africa
Marjan van Wageningen (Amsterdam, Netherlands)



Asia & Pacific
Philip Zhang
(Shanghai, China)



Koutaro Uchida
(Tokyo, Japan)



Eastern Europe
Vladimir Vaguine
(Moscow, Russia)



South America
Lilian Salim
(São Paulo, Brazil

Fire resistant phosphate ester type fluids.

We are now ICL-IP.††Our heritage company names include ICL Supresta, Akzo Nobel Phosphorus Chemical and Stauffer Specialty Chemicals.  This website is dedicated solely to support our Fyrquel® fire resistant fluid product supply and customer information needs.

Fyrquel® Fluids Description & Application
Fyrquel® fluids are phosphate ester type biodegradable synthetic non aqueous fire resistant fluids available in a range of viscosities. Phosphate ester type fluids offer self extinguishing fire resistance that is needed for critical applications.  

  • Steam turbine electro-hydraulic control systems
  • Gas Turbine Lubricant
  • Steel and aluminum furnace hydraulics
  • Die cast hydraulics
  • Reciprocating air compressors

This video clearly demonstrates how Fyrquel® fluids offer superior fire protection compared to other fluids. Once black screen appears, scroll over to view video controls.

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Power Generation

Steam Turbine electro-hydraulic control system application

1st Generation Fluid
trixylenyl phosphate - FYRQUEL® EHC N

2nd Generation Fluid
trixylenyl & t-butylphenyl phosphate - FYRQUEL® EHC

Next Generation Fluid                 
Improved t-butylphenyl phosphate - FYRQUEL® EHC PLUS¹ 

Note 1
• next gen improved t-butylphenyl phosphate with low triphenyl phosphate   
• EU REACH regulation preferred product choice -- trixylenyl phosphate free
• contact your Fyrquel® representative to review choices
• OEM approved
• Compatible and mixable with prior generation fluids

Gas Turbine Lubricant: 
t-butylphenyl phosphate based - FYRQUEL® GT

General Hydraulics
T-butylphenyl Phosphate Based
FYRQUEL® 150                                    ISO 32 VISCOSITY
FYRQUEL® 220                                    ISO 46 VISCOSITY
FYRQUEL® 300                                    ISO 68 VISCOSITY

US Military Specification
Contact your FYRQUEL® Representative for referral to US Mil
Spec Fyrquel® Distributors

Hydraulic System Cleaning Products²

Fyrquel® Cleaning Fluid
Fyrquel® 220

Note 2
contact your Fyrquel® representative to review guideline procedures and product choices  

Note about other types of synthetic fluids that are marketed as fire resistant but burn like mineral oil once ignited

Other types of synthetic fluids are not self extinguishing. Only phosphate ester types are self extinguishing. Other types of synthetic fluids are marketed as offering comparable fire resistant but actually are easily shown only slightly more difficult to ignite compared to petroleum oil and when ignited readily propagate flame. These fluids do not self extinguish, should not be recommended for critical fire safety applications and are not even close substitutes for phosphate ester type fluids. The difference is easily shown by industry fire tests and by simple demonstration.

General Information:
FAQ about Fyrquel® self-extinguishing fluids (PDF)
Gallipolis Ferry Plant, ISO and Responsible Care Certificates (PDF)
Fluid Fakes & Imposters (PDF)
Advantages of Next Gen Fyrquel® EHC Plus (PDF)

Product Guidelines:

Maintenance & Handling
Hydraulic System Cleaning Options

Product Literature:

Fyrquel® EHC Plus
Fyrquel® EHC, EHC N, EHC S
Fyrquel® L (PDF)
Fyrquel® 150, 220, 300

Product MSDS: Contact your Fyrquel® Representative or visit (FUNCTIONAL FLUIDS) and register to obtain future self-serve access. MSDS are available in multiple languages and in country or region specific formats – be sure when requesting verbally to indicate the subject country and requested language.


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